Oklahoma Thug Beats Pregnant Girlfriend, Gets Brutal Surprise When Pissed Off Dad Shows Up

A shocking story has emerged out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a pot-smoking thug was brutally beating his girlfriend until her pissed off father showed up with a horrific surprise. Now, many in the community are shaken by what this angry father did to the punk, saying he went too far.

Screenshot from footage of the crime scene (background), Anthony Pietrzak (inset, left), Dearld Peal (inset, right) (Photo Credits: NewsOn6, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department, Facebook/Anthony Pietrzak)
According to Fox News, an 18-year-old man named Anthony Pietrzak had been brutally beating his girlfriend at the home they shared in Tusla, Oklahoma. This turned out to be the biggest mistake of Pietrzak’s life when his girlfriend told her father about the abuse. The father, who police identified as 46-year-old Dearld Peal, showed up at Pietrzak’s home on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, with some horrific intentions to avenge his daughter.

According to NewsOn6, the 18-year-old thug was dragged from his home, hogtied, and then beaten to death. Police said that Pietrzak’s body was left hogtied in a field not far from his home and was discovered at approximately 2 a.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2017. What a brutal example of karma coming back around to bite someone in the ass. Pietrzak probably never imagined that his abusive ways would result in such a horrific death.

Tulsa police said that Peal beat his daughter’s abusive boyfriend to death at the request of the young girl. Police arrested Peal and another suspect named Tracy Price, 40, on kidnapping charges late Wednesday evening. First-degree murder charges were added against each man after Pietrzak’s body was found on Thursday. According to Officer Jeanne Mackenzie, Peal was asked by his pregnant daughter to beat up Pietrzak because he was abusing her. “She got these…individuals to beat up her boyfriend because she alleged he was beating on her. It’s very horrific. Just beating someone to death, there’s no other way to describe it,” Officer Mackenzie added.

According to Peal’s arrest affidavit, the 46-year-old father told Pietrzak that he would never be able to hurt his daughter again. Shockingly, Peal told police that he was not there when the homicide occurred, according to Tulsa World. Police received an anonymous call on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, notifying them that a man, known only as “Anthony,” had been killed and dismembered.

After further investigation, a witness told detectives they saw a man being dragged out a window, beaten, hogtied, and thrown into the back of a pickup truck with a pillowcase over his head, outside of Pietrzak’s home in north Tulsa, according to Sgt. Dave Walker. Tulsa police said that Pietrzak was not dismembered, but they confirmed that he was hogtied, with his hands and feet tied together, when they discovered his lifeless body.

The name of Peal’s daughter has not been released by police and no charges have been filed against her. She is expected to have a baby girl in October. Investigators did say they are searching for a possible third suspect who may have been involved.

Domestic violence is inexcusable under any circumstance. One huge problem with self-entitled degenerates in our country is that they don’t ever think there will be any real consequences for the crimes they commit. In this case, those consequences were deadly and will likely have one father in prison for a very long time after he took the law into his own hands.

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