Entitled Woman Who Steals Handicap Parking Spot Is Taught A Swift Lesson [video]

Have you ever seen someone doing something wrong and you just wished you could do something about it? Well in the video included at the bottom, you’re going to watch as people who wrongfully take handicapped parking spaces get a taste of karma.

If you or someone you know is handicapped, then you know how frustrating it can be to get around. And sometimes people who may not ‘look’ handicapped get a lot of heat and criticism for taking the parking spot. But if they have the blue handicapped placard hanging from their rear-view mirror, then they qualify to get the spot.

In the video here, you’ll see a man posing as a disability van driver going through parking lots looking for people violating the handicapped parking law. And when he sees people wrongfully parked, he plans on parking behind them as four men in wheelchairs, slowly disembark from the van.

Scroll down to see these bad citizens get the punishment they deserve as they’re forced to wait for the men to reach their destination…

When the men get started on their mission to find handicap parking spot violators, it doesn’t take long for them to find one. At Jack Allen’s kitchen in Austin, Texas, one person has illegally parked right in the blue space. She has pulled his SUV up right in front of the restaurant door without the proper placard hanging from her rear-view windshield.

She made a big mistake. Watch the van block her in and then proceed to take a very long time letting the four men in wheelchairs out of the vehicle.

“We have completely blocked them in. If this beige SUV wants to get out, they will not be able to. It’s a big of vigilante justice here in the parking lot. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a bumper for a bumper.”

After a few minutes, the woman who illegally parked her SUV leaves the restaurant. She looks afraid of the confrontation and knows that she did something wrong.

“I think the word is sheepish.”

She apologizes for wrongfully parking in the spot. But she’s forced to wait as the men exit the van.

“I think I can move my car now.”

“Not yet.”

It’s payback time…

Here’s what some of the one million viewers wrote in the comments about this social experiment:

“want to know why she looks so befuddled? out of the millions of handicapped parking spaces only 20-30% ever get used in the USA. She probably goes to that place every other week and never sees anyone use the handicap spot.”

“That doesn’t make it right. I live in Austin (where this was) and there is quite a few disabled people. It can become frustrating when I try to take my wheelchair bound mother places because of people like this lady.”

“It would be a shame if the van didn’t start.”

“Report her and let her get a ticket. Instead you block the space even longer from someone who might need and qualify for the spot you’re blocking. Shameful display of vigilantism and thoughtlessness.”

Do you think they should have reported her to the police?

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  1. I would have called the police and parked behind her until they showed up.

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