Black Woman Stuns Cop With Shocking Request, Then He Sees What’s Around Her

While sitting in his parked patrol car outside a local grocery store, an Arkansas police officer didn’t have to go looking for action — it came to him instead. An African-American woman came up and tapped on his window with a shocking request when he immediately took notice of what was around her.

Tiffany Sharell Block (left), Officer she saw in Arkansas (right)
Officer Eden was working on some administrative duties in his patrol car during a daytime shift when he was blindsided by Tiffany Sharell Block seemingly out of nowhere. She was insistent on getting his attention. Although the matter didn’t seem urgent, he reluctantly rolled down the window, despite heightened tensions right after the Dallas cop killings.

Being clearly out of her comfort zone, which she addressed in the difference in their ethnicities, Block stunned Officer Eden with what she wanted to do after approaching him in the parking lot. She explained that God had been spoken to her earlier, and seeing him there was the answer to what she had been led to do.

The alarming situation started when Block was at the gym, feeling the stress from the deaths that had just taken place at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. Being black and afraid of cops herself, she wasn’t sure where she stood on the tragedy when she felt God speak to her.

“…The Lord spoke some powerful words to me and gave me a challenge. Yes, black lives matter, yes all lives matter but the Lord said the one thing that trumps it all is love,” she wrote in a social media post. With the realization came the motivation to trump the Black Lives Matter movement with love and to make #LoveMatters trend more than the racist hate brigade.

Block said that she felt God nudging for her to talk to the next cop she saw and simply extend love to them. “I didn’t want to do this. It required me to get out of my comfort zone,” she explained.”So, I told God that if there was an opportunity that I would, but I wasn’t going to go look for it. Well, I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and guess who was sitting in their vehicle???” she wrote.

Officer Eden with Tiffany Sharell Block (left) and with Block’s kids (right)
Knowing what she needed to do, even though she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to, Block put all her faith in God who she felt put the cop in her path. She approached him with genuine questions about his job for conversation. The endearing and respectful interaction that ensued lasted 30 minutes. “He told me all about his career and some daily challenges. We got to know each other. I told him how my children were now afraid of the police,” she said.

Hearing that the children around her were afraid of him for no other reason than incorrect things they heard, Officer Eden carefully approached the kids and gifted them each a badge of their own. Block watched in amazement at his actions that he did on his own after hearing of their fear. That’s when a lesson hit her, and it was a long time coming. “We must start the conversation, to build relationships, to break down walls,” she said. Block had been told be afraid without finding out the truth about police officers for herself and her children.

Block challenges others in the black community to move out of their comfort zone, away from the common ground that has united people in violence. Cops are being killed because of ignorance and disgusting assumptions, but parents like Block can change the trend with raising their children to respect authority. #LoveMatters

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